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[ OUT of ... ]

[ OUT of ... ], originally uploaded by UAE-inspirer.

A S S I ghat. Varanasi

A S S I ghat. Varanasi, originally uploaded by Claude Renault.


Conversely, originally uploaded by razorbern.

Les algues vertes

Les algues vertes, originally uploaded by Nomad Photography.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg, originally uploaded by Hugo*.

waiting about

waiting about, originally uploaded by lomokev.

Lifehacker redux redux

Lifehacker's new look came out today. In general, I like the changes, however, the left sidebar was too much for me. Thankfully there's Greasemonkey... If you like using it, please leave a comment. You can install the script here, just be aware that this comes with no warranties of any type, so use at your own risk. You should be using Firefox and have the Greasemonkey extension installed. (If you don't, you can easily find them with Google.) Version 0.32 fixes some late-night bugs (disappearing LifeHacker) and makes some minor improvemens. Turns out that late night hacking introduced a version control problem. Creative Commons License
This script is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

[Update September 2007 -- Note, the old style was waaaay out of date. Also, there now is a much better way to style sites using the Stylish extension. Try my Clean Lifehacker II. Best of all, you can even install the restyling into Opera or as a Greasemonkey script. Enjoy!]


Wasserspiegel, originally uploaded by froodmat.

a simple concept, turned on its head. red or blue pill?

Photo of the Day: Nomad Summer Camp, Parting Gift

Photo of the Day: buddy run

buddy run, originally uploaded by noahstone.

Photo of the Day: matchstick skiers

matchstick skiers, originally uploaded by gridrunner.

Photo of the Day: IMG_4797

IMG_4797, originally uploaded by aquanerds.

Photo of the Day: Guard II

Guard II, originally uploaded by aqui-ali.

Photo of the "Day": Jaws

Jaws, originally uploaded by Be Still.

Photo of the "Day": flowers on a dark morning

If you've stumbled onto this backwater corner of the internet, you should know that this blog isn't actively in development at this time.

That being said, I occasionally see a photo that screams to be chosen as a "photo of the day". Not every day, mind you, but from time to time they'll come.

So if you want to subscribe to the feed, by all means go ahead. At least your traffic will be low!

Oh give me a home

How cool is this?
"Due to a global loss of seashells, land hermit crabs--which live in discarded shells for protection—are facing a severe housing shortage. In attempting to meet the new needs of this natural life form, I have started fabricating alternative forms of housing, out of plastic, for land hermit crabs."
From: Plastic Prefabricated Hermit Crab Shells Via: Inhabitat

Photo of the Day: Swing

Swing, originally uploaded by Wyrd.
I've been playing around with PBwiki. It's a good way to get your feet wet in wiki-space. You too can get a free wiki at PBwiki.com.